Where teenage rugby league players go wrong in the gym (Part 2)

January 10, 2016

Lack of Training Structure

Keeping a record of your training is very important, if you’re not writing things down your guessing.

Focus and a plan will stop you wondering aimlessly around the gym floor. Under or overtraining yourself simply because you can’t remember what you did the week before will see you gaining minimal size (and strength).

Good planning with slow increases in workload is the way to keep your body growing and getting stronger. This is impossible without knowing the weights, sets, reps from the previous weeks.

Failure to set yourself a routine will generally see yourself training your preferred body part; usually the arms and chest get a lot of attention. This can lead to massive imbalances in your physique and athletic performance and eventually you will have to play catch up with the underdeveloped body parts.

To succeed you must plan your sessions, record everything, write notes and observe your results week by week. Then make adjustments and increases in total workload regularly.

Workout tracker apps can be useful if you don’t want to carry a notepad around.

Strong – Workout Tracker and Training Log for Bodybuilding, Weightlifting, Fitness and Strength Routines by Cameron Chow


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