Learn How to Train for Real Game Speed and True Field Agility

This 2-hour action-packed clinic will take athletes through the most potent fundamentals toward amplifying their explosive power and acceleration. This clinic is not about fitness, this clinic is about training for actual game speed and true field agility.

Speed is a consequence of how much force you can drive into the ground. This is indicative of your physical and technical ability. Once you nail the physiological characteristics like horizontal force production and reaching max velocity, you work on the technical perspectives of those movements to maximise it.

Enhancing horizontal and multi-directional force and power are the keys to building acceleration in multiple planes of movement. It is also the most critical misconceived training method.

What will be covered in the 2 hour session?

 The clinic's unique content will be discussed and broken down to all the athletes in an easy to understand format. The athletes will also actively participate in this small private group setting, creating the perfect training and learning environment. 

Improving Stride Length Through Mobility

Tight fibres and tendons inhibit all of our movements patterns. Improving stride length before a game and training is a massive factor in chewing up more meters with fewer steps. 

At the start of the clinic, we will go through some great drills to ensure the athletes are getting the stride length they can achieve. This single mobility circuit will have the athletes immediately moving better than when they arrived.


Understanding the Pillars of Speed Mechanics and how to Maximise Acceleration

Athletes will discover and implement proper arm action and learn how to attack back into the ground behind the hip. 

These methods are essential to increase the athlete's propulsion force and increase the acceleration phase for an extended period.


Getting Stronger and Force Application

The more authority and power applied into the ground will help athletes launch forward and cover more ground quicker than ever. 

Becoming stronger in the linear plane is crucial, and using resistance in that specific plane is a must. Flat ground running will only stimulate a response for so long. It is here the athletes will discover techniques to upgrade their sprinting power and strength massively.


Neural Loading Through Advanced Contrast Sprinting Systems

Athletes will learn one of the most dominant methods to blasting away their ten and twenty-meter sprint times. 

Contrast training is possibly the best method to becoming a powerful, robust Rugby league player. Athletes will learn how to perform and apply contrast training effectively.


Changing Direction, Lateral Speed and Reactiveness

A great athlete must be able to react and explode with great footwork in multiple directions. 

Athletes will learn and compete in real game agility drills. Training to enhance an athlete's cognitive response to an in-game situation is what separates a professional and an amateur.


There are two types of Rugby League players.

The first player is fast but takes a long time to build up speed. They might be fast over a 40-meter sprint at training, but that means nothing in a game. They may never really hit their actual top speed in a game. 

In this clinic I will help you reach your speed potential over the first 5 to 10 steps of your sprint, not 30-40 metres down the field.

The second player may be fast at the start, but they also slow down fast. They might be great at hitting onto the ball and making a break, but are quickly cut down from behind or looking to offload because they just can't maintain that speed for too long. 

Learn the most practical and straightforward methods to getting faster. Together we will analyse and break down the three stages of your first 10 steps in your sprint.

The three stages of your first 10 steps


The Start 
The first two steps of your sprint is where you create up to 40% of your top speed, so it's pretty important. 

The better you become at driving force into the ground at a horizontal angle, the faster you will hit your top speed. (max velocity).

If you are the player that doesn't hit maximum speed until the 30m or 40m mark, these drills will be game-changers.


In our acceleration phase, we work on steps 3 to 10 of your sprint. Acceleration is more or less where you build up to your top speed. It is also where you slowly transition from horizontal force into vertical force.

By the 10th step of your sprint, you should be at around 70-80% of your maximum speed.

Our goal in this phase, is to to ensure you hit 70-80% capability.


Max Velocity 
Once you have built up your top speed, how long can you hold it for?

For the guys that smoke everyone at training in a 10m or 20m sprint but die early in a 40m to 60m sprint, this is for you.

The fast ground contact drills in this section will ensure you are running faster for longer.

"All I can say after last night's game is WOW! He exploded off the line in attack! His running style was completely different even just to look at. He was leaning forward more and on more then 1 occasion I was gobsmacked just how fast he was. He’s never run like that. "

Honi Higgins  (QRL Major Games Day Operations)

All participants receive a BONUS Line Speed & Explosive Power Ebook 

Line Speed & Explosive Power 2.0 Ebook 

Everything from the day will be programmed and structured for you in your BONUS Line Speed & Explosive Power 2.0 ebook (Value $59). The ebook is progressively programmed with agility drills and all the three phases of your sprint with the correct loads, percentages and volume. 

Line Speed & Explosive Power Training Ebook

Everything from the day will be programmed and structured for you in your BONUS 6 week Line Speed and Explosive Power ebook. The ebook is progressively programmed with agility drills and all the three phases of your sprint with the correct loads, percentages and volume.

Rugby League Speed and Agility Training Program

The Locations



Albany Creek Crushers - 620 South Pine Rd, Brendale



Sunshine Coast University - Rugby Union Field 2, 90 Sippy Downs Drive, Sippy Downs 



Ipswich State High School  - Vogal Street, Brassall (Gate 2)

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2hr Line Speed & Explosive Power High Performance Clinic


Amplify your explosive power & acceleration for Rugby League/Union.


The Details:
2 hour clinic
Ages 12 and up

All participants receive a free Line Speed & Explosive Power 2.0 Ebook (Value $59)