Fast Track Your On-Field Speed, Agility and Fitness in 6 Weeks.

The Preseason Accelerator program is a 6 week program to take the guesswork out of your preseason training. Structured to incrementally build speed and increase your conditioning week after week.

It's time to take your lungs and your performance to a place it's never been, leaving other players for dead. Become the player that makes first contact in every tackle, who is always ready to take a run, that no one can lay a hand on. Don't be the player fighting to breathe, that can't get back his ten or move up with his defensive line, hunched over looking for his coach for a spell. Not this year!

This rugby league specific program has been designed to fast track your speed, agility and conditioning so that you are primed and at your peak for round one, hitting your first game of the season as electric as you’ve ever been.

Progressive programming is the difference between training and merely exercising. This program is designed for players, coaches and team trainers.

This is for you if you want:

  • Shattering line speed and overall acceleration
  • The ability to explode into different directions on the field
  • React to different in-game of situations more dynamically
  • Bigger lungs to last longer on the field
  • Make an impact for your team

This program delivers:

  • Six weeks of on-field programming
  • Two superb comprehensive full-body warm-ups that will leave your body feeling elevated and pumped for your session.  
  • My unique progressive sprint programming and starting techniques.
  • Ten explosive and highly effective agility and change of direction drills.
  • Five massive cardio killer circuits to set you up to go the full 80 minutes.

Improve Your Overall Speed and Acceleration

Through my rugby league specific drills, you will improve overall speed and acceleration off the mark. This training is an absolute game-changer for every rugby league player that I've trained and I believe it to be the missing link in everyone's training. You will not see any ladder or hurdle drills in this program, I have worked with literally hundreds of rugby league players. I know what works well for my athletes and what is time wasting rubbish.

Train Hard, Play Easy

Getting in peak condition for footy is about always pushing harder than the week before. My approach is, if you train harder then you play; a game will be easy. We need to imitate our game as closely as we can to achieve the specific level of conditioning demanded by our sport. Even the most unfit players will get up to standard with this program. 

Mobility and Injury Prevention

Through my dynamic warm-ups and fillers you will feel looser and more agile than ever before as well as the added bonus of preventing injuries all across the body. Improving an athlete's stride length or meters per step is all to do with becoming more mobile. Increasing your speed can be as simple as freeing your tight knotted up areas with the right exercises and order.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I find out more information?  

Just click the link below and start this season faster and fitter than ever before.

6 Week Preseason Accelerator Program


The program will be supplied as a downloadable ebook.