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Thank you so much Brent! The development and improvement in Lachie over the past 3 years is beyond expectations. He is so much stronger, agile and fitter because of your training program. We truly appreciate your dedication and wisdom that you give to all that participate. Bring on the 2022 preseason training.

Renee Asi

Very professional. Pushes the kids to their limits. Love his style of training. It’s also reassuring that he follows up on the kids online training. Love how he posts up one on one training and posts up progress from kids that he’s trained. Would totally recommend him to parents that are wanting to sign up with him.

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Eli Maeli

Every time my son finishes a session or clinic with The Red Zone, I ask him, did you learn something new? Every single time I get the exact same answer: “100%! It was soooo good. Brent is sooo good!”
You can not ask for a better response!!! The fact that they learn so much every single time is everything and that is just the start of it!!! Thank you Brent 🙌

Cathy Gelling

After covid and a rough year on the bench for my girl her confidence was lacking I didn't want her too give up this was a sport she had been passionate about since she was 5. After hearing amazing reviews of brents work I knew this is where she needed to be to get back where she once was.And that she did ! Brent pushed her out of her comfort zone and gave her the push she needed to progress and make her goals achievable . Not only did she make it in her div 1 team for club but she got a starting position no more bench. She also made met north for state champs under 15s. I also brought my son to train alongside his sister as comfort being the only girl.My son has sometimes been in the shadows of both his sister's who had taken to league very naturally. I didn't know what too expect as he was very reluctant. But after 2 weeks He blew me away my son was always up ready to train every week .Brents approach too training brought the confidence out of my son which we had been waiting for. My son also made his top team for our club and his progression in the game is awesome too watch. I can only speak highly of Brents work and the results speak for themselves looking forward to bringing my kids back 2022

Alychia Emmerson

Such an exciting and effective program. My boy has come back to footy every season fitter, stronger and with more drive after each off-season doing redzone with Brent. Cant recommend it enough if your child is wanting to put in some hard work to gain massive improvements

Ash Hodge

My son’s fitness & footy drive has gone to the next level with the help from Brent and his amazing Preseason session. If you feel your child needs that extra push to get going, then ‘The Red Zone’ is for them! Definitely recommend 100%

Melissa Faber

5/5 ✅ Very professional. Strict training. Does not muck around. Pushes kids to their limits. Has great feedback on kids progress. Love the group workout for my kids and also the one on one training. Stories are also a bonus as they are motivational and you get to see progress from the kids trainings on the field. Would totally recommend him to any parent wanting to sign up their kids whether it’s preseason group training or even one on one. Great work Brent 🙌🏾

Mita Faimalie

Brent has taken my son's footy to the next level. It is a program that not only teaches fitness and strength but discipline. Teaching my son that HE is the one that needs to put in the hard yards. Once he learned that his training has excelled. If your wanting to up your child's game. Get on board and sign them up for the pre season. Red Zone aka Brent is the place that's building athletes ✊✊

Amy O’Brien

My son loved every minute of red zone with Brent, his speed, strength & agility has increased and perfected his footy game. Never will we miss a pre season training programme from now on in. Thank you so very much guys you have given that extra edge to my sons game .

Charmaine Mostyn

My son Jacob has been rugby mad since he was 5 (he is now 12) He actually plays rugby union, but we were looking for an off season training that would help with his fitness, strength and agility. Brent and the Red zone training definitely ticked all those boxes and more. They have given Jacob the tracks to run on and he now understands how the fitness and nutrition side of things impact his game. He is starting this season fit and healthy and raring to go! Definitely recommend

Clare Martin

Absolute #BEAST of a training program, highly recommend for anyone looking for development in their rugby game.
My son has gained confidence, skills and bulked all while maintaining his speed and agility, he has already felt the difference on the field and is ready to hit the season.
Every group session he left with nothing in the tank - the training is raw, lots of intensity and at times straight brutal.
I love Brent’s no f@#‘s given methods!!
Enjoyed watching big, fit boys get slaughtered within the first 20mins on training - worth every f@#ken dollar 😎😂

Kama Chee

When you are sick of your kids giving you attitude and answering back during your off season trainings with them, send them to the General. He'll have them saying Yes, sir/ma'am by the end of the first session lol.

Pogi Epati

The whole experience from start to finish is amazing. Brent trains the kids to their limit and beyond. If your child wants to step up, be match ready and be noticed this is the pre season training they need to do.

Merrilea Murray

Put my son through the 2021 pre season, was hard from first session to last session, got pushed harder than he has before but I definitely have seen a great improvement in his strength and acceleration and overall workrate out on the field can’t wait to see how he goes the next preseason.

Justin Tumarae

My son and I have been doing the online body weight program and the preseason accelerator since October.The programs are very well set out and tailored to suit different types of players via the team builder app.Each session is easy to understand and follow.The app has video's of each exercise or drill.The app has so many features and different programs that cover strength, conditioning and even recovery.I have tried different programs in the past with my kids and this one covers it all.In seven months my son has put on 7kg of muscle.He is above average with his BMI weight scale which is a massive advantage in rugby league.I highly recommend this program for any level of rugby league player looking at getting results the right way.

Jimmy Lee Johns

This is one program you will not regret participating in. Brent has a wealth of experience and the passion to work with young adults to guide and enhance their ability to go above what they even think they are capable off. My son has been apart of The RedZone for the past 2 years. He progressed from Div 3 to Div 1 after just one off season. Brent provides online training and nutritional guidelines as well as makes himself available to assist or answer questions along the way. It’s a tough program but very rewarding..

Jamie Brosnan
TysonSmoothy Melbou

"I trained with Brent for 8 years. In that time I learnt how to train in the gym smartly and effectively. He is a hard trainer but gets the results you need to advance in your footy."

Tyson Smoothy (Melbourne Storm)

I was so impressed with Brent’s energy and drive to get the best out of the kids. My son did the pre-season training with The Red Zone and really grew as the weeks went on. He was carrying extra weight last year and he’s now shed it and started replacing fat with muscle. He is now the fittest in his team and just came 10th in regionals cross country which is something he wouldn’t have even entered last year. Brent is awesome and I really feel he can get the best out of your child.

Jason Campbell

Amazing amazing amazing, my son has developed not only through your training but also through self development and understanding what is required to maintain what you have taught him. Bro we are blessed with what he has achieved in the short time of training that you have provided (Red Zone) for life. He will be back this year at end of season and we have 10 others that will join him and of course Charlie who joined with Lachlan and also has developed leaps and bounds through this course. I can go on and on but appreciate what you have done Brent cheeeehoooo for life.

Tasi Asi

The Red Zone is a great program to prepare juniors for the upcoming football season. Brent was terrific. He was motivating, enthusiastic, informative and encouraging. Would definitely recommend Brent and this program.

Annette Goulding

Our boy thoroughly enjoyed the off season programme - some of the toughest training he has experienced. With pre-season trials/games done we have noticed gains in his strength & explosiveness and you can see the confidence in his game. Brent knows his stuff we will definitely be back with a few more of the boys for the next off season.

Daniel Tofilau

I would definitely recommend preseason fitness training with The Red Zone!!! My 12 year old son loved it. He gets really nervous and suffers from anxiety sometimes but got through each and every session. He was one of the smallest ones out there but gave his all and completed everything the big kids did!! Thanks to Brent for all of your support and great training techniques. Hope to see you again. Tyson says thanks Brent!!

Erica Tout

Highly Recommend Brent and The Red Zone Training Programs - both online and one-on-one! The results speak for themselves, my kids have gained strength, speed and especially confidence to help them achieve their goals and be better team members in their chosen sport. Looking forward to what's next for us with the Red Zone Training. Can't thank Brent enough.

Edwina-Tui Harding

This is my son's first year participating at The Red Zone pre-season training and the results are A1. His confidence, fitness and strength have improved to next level and the friendships he has formed are long-term. Amazing program you run Brent.

Belinda Bayly

The Red Zone pre-season program, has set Tristan up to start the season with fitness and form, to develop his game and progress from earlier than previous years. Thoroughly recommend THE RED ZONE, for anyone who is after a game specific training program, that builds the player's foundation and gives them a confidence to perform well throughout the season.

Chris Bechly

Brent, you know how to bring the best out in Clayton. His improved confidence and love for playing footy has increased since training with you. Thank you

Rachael Andrew

"I trained with Brent for 8 years. In that time I learnt how to train in the gym smartly and effectively. He is a hard trainer but gets the results you need to advance in your footy."

Conner Luhan (QLD Cowboys NYC)

This is our sons first year training with Brent & he is loving it! After only 1 month of training he was already feeling & looking stronger while developing his skills & is pumped for the season ahead. Brent's motivation, knowledge of the game & time he takes to make these kids the best they can be is awesome. We Highly recommend Brent & red zone.

Lisa Sherry

I have been around rugby league clubs for 40 odd years, I've seen and been a part of some great programs in that time. Never have I seen an approach like yours, that not only improves the player but also teaches the player about there body, and what it can do and will do with the right training. The junior boys I have seen go through your system have all come out stronger and faster. I would encourage any young footballer to join. Thanks for your passion and professionalism.

Rob Robbins

The strength and conditioning session was awesome I have incorporated the warm up into my training session. Your line speed drills – WOW! I can not thank you enough – in one week it made a difference to my entire teams line speed!!! I coach 15’s and line speed is essential. The boys and myself thank you for all your hard work.

Butch Lee
Sunshine Coast Falcons (Club Coach 15s)

If you want to become a better footy player you have to train with Brent. I learnt so much from him. He not only prepares you physically but mentally as well.

Conner Luhan
QLD Cowboys NYC

Brent has trained me for years and with everything I learnt from him, I have signed my contract this year for the Melbourne Storm NYC Squad.

Carlos Swasbrook-Murray
Melbourne Storm NYC

I trained under Brent for around 4 years, he helped me not only put on size and increase my overall strength (to match it with the boys in A grade), but to stand out on the field which was a big thing being only 17 years old playing against men. I now play colts u/20s for the Sunshine Coast Falcons. Brent is the man.

Blake Bella
Sunshine Coast Colts

"If you want to become a better footy player you have to train with Brent. I learnt so much from him. He not only prepares you physically but mentally as well."

Sam Wright (Sunshine Coast Falcons)

Through Brent's off season training Anthony has developed and maintained his strength for the footy season to come. He has also gained muscle and skill though his power, strength and conditioning program. Training sessions outside of the gym have also helped Anthony get rid of his clunky run! See you at the next session Brent.

Richard Fry

Brent at red zone has a great sense of what needs to be done to improve your skill strength an fitness ! For the footy season . My son loves the guy,, easy to get along with a great with the kids!
This is the first for my son with preseason training an he's loving it!! He feel stronger an has so much more confidant !! With many more to come! Keep up the great work bro!

Leon Francis Stevenson

My boys (12yo and 10yo) completed the 'Line Speed & Explosive Power Program' with Brent. They were engaged the whole session and enjoyed the drills Brent put them thru. The boys are very eager to start their 12 week program they received from Brent. I would highly recommend Brent (The Red Zone) to anyone wanting to improve there strength and of course Speed. Thanks Brent.

Jamie and Lynda Mallinder

My son Liam attended the recent Brisbane Line Speed & Explosive Power Training Program. Brent explained the whole program through then started some very interesting stretching moves that prepare Liam for the session ahead. The program consisted of various exercises designed to strengthen the unstable joints that hinder acceleration. At the end of the session, Liam was exhausted, having used muscles he was not even aware he had. Liam is a sprinter and he can see himself shaving quite a few 10ths of a second off his 100, just by following Brent's Line Speed & Explosive Power Training Program. Well recommended!

Michael Johnston

Brent has trained our son Jake for approximately 6 months.The program Brent has developed has transformed Jake not only physically but also mentally. Through Brent’s training his strength and performance has increased dramatically. Anyone participating in a program or training with Brent will see great results.

Sam and Christina
U15 Club and Rep Player

I trained under Brent for around 4 years, he helped me not only put on size and increase my overall strength (to match it with the boys in A grade), but to stand out on the field which was a big thing being only 17 years old playing against men. I now play colts u/20s for the Sunshine Coast Falcons. Brent is the man.

Blake Bella
Sunshine Coast Colts

"The programs Brent runs are specifically designed for today’s Rugby League player. When you have a trainer that knows Rugby League the way Brent does, you can be sure that the results you will get will improve every part of your game. Don’t expect it to be easy, but expect that the results will be proof of the value of Brent’s knowledge and his programs."

Mark Wright (Melbourne Storm - Manager NYC)

Brent knows his stuff when it comes to core strength and conditioning your body. He worked closely with my 12 year old son Jai whom gained a lot of confidence and knowledge via his program.
I can recommend Brent to any one who is interested in core strength training or conditioning your body, he also has a lot of patience with the young ones and plays awesome music 😉 while your training. #Top trainer #top gym

SD Pentland

My son has just completed a 12 week strength and conditioning program with Brent. He has found the session valuable for his development as a player. I would recommend these sessions as Brent genuinely takes an interest in the development of his clients.

Scott McClellan

My son has been training with Brent for the past 6 weeks now and he’s loving it! Really great program for building strength and confidence, highly recommend.

Kim Land

Absolutely amazing training sessions. Brent has improved my in game line speed and has left a massive mark of improvement on my game. The training sessions were so fun, easy and effective. Another awesome part was the at-home training regime provided by Brent. It has continued to improve my fitness and speed. I look forward to the next training sessions with Brent.

Anthony Fry

Being a 35+ year old Samoan - my physical ability, fitness and metabolism has always been a seesaw battle. After training with The Red Zone, Brent has not only set out a realistic and effective meal plan to follow but more importantly has taught me that through a (weight) progressive training regime that forces those individual muscles to work, muscle growth and power gain can be achieved a lot quicker than you think. If I only I was training with The Red Zone back in my footy playing days.

Raymond J Roebeck

His explosive training techniques improved my line speed and gave me the ability to explode through tackles and tackle harder than ever before. If anyone is looking to increase your over all fitness/power performance Brent is certainly the one to help you achieve your goals.

Rob Morris