Preseason | Sunshine Coast (Sun 7:00am-8:00am)

$330.00 or $87.50 / week for 4 weeks

✓ 8 x 1hr Fortnightly Training Sessions
✓ Online Coaching From Sign Up until 28/2/24 (Value $294)
✓ Line Speed and Explosive Power Ebook (Value $59)

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It’s time again for you to choose what kind of a season you will have next year. The preseason is where you and I will harden all the weaknesses and flaws in your game to crush next year. Last year’s Preseason sold out in record time so if you missed out last time or want to go back-to-back for another preseason, here’s your chance.

The program includes a fortnightly session where we will cover all structures and phases of general training as well as rugby league specific drills. Each player will also receive access to online training programs to keep gaining momentum in between our sessions.

Over the course of this program we will set down a foundation of general strength and speed, before moving over to the rugby league specific drills. The closer we can mimic the movements of what we do in a game the greater the odds of it transferring over. Preseason training is tough, and it’s gruelling, but one thing is for sure, at the end of it all you will be bulletproof physically and mentally.