Are You In Preseason or Offseason? What To Do Now

Our training approach during this Coronavirus depends heavily on where we are at with footy this year. So while all the governing bodies sort out the politics of it all, players and coaches are in a bit of limbo. Are we in offseason or preseason?

Have you been told footy is over?
⁣If you have been notified your footy is over for this year, you are officially in offseason. Offseason is where you now crush yourself in the gym, focusing on your general physical preparedness (gpp). ⁣

Building muscle, getting stronger and powerful is the name of the game now. Working on all your general movements like:

  • bench press
  • shoulder presses
  • chins
  • squats
  • deadlifts etc

You can still do some sprint work and general cardio once a week or fortnight if you wish. I like to get my guys to hit a bleep test, 1.2’s or some sled sprint variations once a fortnight just to at least maintain some aerobic conditioning.

But definitely don’t kill yourself every day with fitness to be game-ready because that’s not necessary for you right now. ⁣

I also give my guys a break with agility and change of direction stuff until preseason training starts again. Mobility, recovery and any rehab work still needs to remain a focus, so don’t neglect your weak and tight areas. ⁣

Still haven’t heard?
⁣If you have not been told footy is over, then you need to assume you’re going to play and continue your preseason training. You need to remain ready for when game one is announced, or you are going to be so unfit and so damn slow you will wish the nation was in lockdown again.

  • Continue hitting plenty of sprint and agility work at least once or twice a week
  • Plenty of general fitness and game-specific fitness work (if possible)
  • General and specific strength movements in the gym. (sled variations, tire flips, loaded carries etc.) ⁣

So until you have been told your season is over, it isn’t.  Stay focused, and stay ready.


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