Could this be the best hydration drink?

February 17, 2016

What you need

  • 2 litre water bottle
  • 2 lemons
  • Pink Himalayan salt
  • Stevia or Natvia sweetener

In my opinion there is no better drink to replace salts and minerals in your body than coconut water, the only problem is it cost a fortune to drink all the time.

Here is a great cheap effective way to stay hydrated during the day and is a must for hard training footy players. Forget the popular sugar loaded sports drinks.

Get a 3 litre container of water and squeeze 2 whole lemons into the water using a funnel, add a teaspoon of pink Himalayan rock salt as an option you can add some Stevia or Natvia sweetener (tablets or powder) it just takes the bitter edge away. Then shake well.

Drinking water alone will not replace the salts you lose through exercise and sweating. Pink Himalayan salt has more than 86 electrolytes and minerals.  Highly effective and easy on the wallet.


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