Building muscle on a budget

February 5, 2016

Training and eating to build muscle can get expensive. As you grow your body requires more and more food to keep improving and It can take its toll on your wallet. The good news is that there are a lot of foods that are building blocks for lean muscle and not all that expensive. These are the best bang for your buck ingredients and meals to bump up calories the cheapest way possible.

Protein Sources
Tinned salmon and tuna, whole eggs, protein powders, Greek or natural yoghurt, chicken breast, grass fed beef mince, milk and cheese.

Carb Sources
Quick oats, wholemeal breads, wraps, white and wholemeal pastas, white and brown rice, pumpkin, white potatos and sweet potatoes, honey, bananas, carb powders.

Peanut butter, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and seeds, avocados

Good sources of fats can be expensive but they are so much better for you and very necessary. I would not recommend any other sources of fats to cut costs, your health is more important.

Use one ingredient from each of the tables in all of your meals.

Aim for a minimum of four meals a day.
Experiment with foods, herbs and spices.

Below are some meal ideas:
You can eat these meals anytime of the day.
Serving sizes will vary but try and aim to feel satisfied and not under or
overly stuffed after your meal. Adjust sizes accordingly.

Meal A
Quick oats
Olive oil
Scoop of WPI
All mixed in a large bowl.

Meal 2
Whole eggs
Coconut oil
Wholemeal toast or wraps

Meal 3
Beef Mince
Coconut oil
Pasta or rice
Frozen Mixed veggies

Meal 4
Chicken breast
Coconut oil
Sweet potato mash
Frozen mixed veggies

Meal 5
Greek yogurt
Protein powder
Peanut butter

Meal 6
Tinned tuna
Whole meal bread or wraps
Olive Oil


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