(Agility is the ability to move quickly and easily.)

1. Get Stronger
A footballer must possess the necessary full body strength to absorb and redirect forces, decelerate and overcome inertia. Creating strength and stability in the joints through the right type of resistance training can in fact make you faster.

2.  Improve Your Ability To Accelerate
A footballer needs to be able to stop and change directions as smoothly and as quickly as possible. Rather than standard sprinting drills, focus on drills that improve the take off speed from unusual positions.

3. Improve Your Ability To Deccelerate
Focusing on the eccentric (lowering) component of movements should be incorporated into your training. By enhancing your eccentric strength you are improving your ability to stop and explosively change directions. Certain drills will improve your ability to pull up from sprints, decreasing injury to joints and improving your ability to explosively change directions.

4. Incorporate Chaotic Drills
These sport specific drills move away from general traditional preparation drills like speed ladders and cone running. They bridge the gap between training and game play improving your mental acuity on the field.


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