Building Rugby League Players of the Future.

The Junior Beast Academy is designed to improve your junior's physical capabilities and equip them with a brand new confidence and mindset.

The program incorporates strength, speed, and fitness through suitable and appropriate drills and challenges to enhance your junior's skills. With highly experienced and qualified coaches who create a fun, challenging and rewarding environment for all junior players wishing to improve their game.

The term based program is designed for U/9s to U/12s Rugby League and Union players. The weekly session is located at the Sunshine Coast University fields located in Sippy Downs. 

What is Covered Each Term?


Breaking through the defence and bringing down the big boys just got a whole lot easier.

Athletes will work their way through a vast assortment of bodyweight, core strength, power band, battle rope and sled exercises. Each term athletes will leave stronger and more developed in every way. 

Speed and Power 

We work on all things acceleration, deceleration, agility, change of direction, max velocity, plyometrics and reactive drills.

This training will change everything. Whether your junior is a big kid who struggles with his line speed, moving side to side or hitting onto the ball or a smaller, faster kid who struggles with keeping their speed over long distances.

Fitness and Conditioning

Getting your junior fitter through various competitive games and challenges is the best and most effective way to build big lungs that can go the whole battle.

Beast Challenges

A negative mindset can be one of the biggest hand breaks for an athlete, holding them back from ever reaching their true athletic potential. 

The beast challenges are designed to be competitive and bring the best out of the athletes by pushing them singularly or as a team. These highly rewarding challenges build confidence and resilience.

The Details

Ages:  U/9s to U/12s
Location: Sunshine Coast University
Details: 4:00pm - 4:45pm Mondays (school terms)
Dates: 6/02, 13/02, 20/02, 27/02, 6/03, 13/03, 20/03, 27/03
Duration: 45 min session per week for a total of 8 sessions
Cost:  $220

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Frequently Asked Questions

What level is this program for?

The Junior Beast Academy is designed for all skill levels and players currently playing U/9, U/10, U/11 and U/12 club rugby league/union.

What should I bring?

Footy boots, sunscreen, water, Powerade.

Do you offer makeup sessions?

No there are no make up sessions available.

Can I get a refund after paying?

No, fees are non-refundable unless to the extent that is required by law. 

Can I get a refund if I am sick or injured?

We cannot assess people’s illness or injuries and therefore do not offer a refund. You can transfer to another person to take your registration.

Can I get a refund on unused sessions?

No, there are no refunds for unused sessions. 

What is your policy if sessions don't proceed due to weather?

Should weather affect sessions we will either postpone the session or provide an alternate venue.

Where can I find out more information?  

If you have any questions regarding the program please email Brent directly at

The Red Zone is a great program to prepare juniors for the upcoming football season. Brent was terrific. He was motivating, enthusiastic, informative and encouraging. Would definitely recommend Brent and this program.

Annette Goulding

Amazing amazing amazing, my son has developed not only through your training but also through self development and understanding what is required to maintain what you have taught him. Bro we are blessed with what he has achieved in the short time of training that you have provided (Red Zone) for life. He will be back this year at end of season and we have 10 others that will join him and of course Charlie who joined with Lachlan and also has developed leaps and bounds through this course. I can go on and on but appreciate what you have done Brent cheeeehoooo for life.

Tasi Asi

I would definitely recommend preseason fitness training with The Red Zone!!! My 12 year old son loved it. He gets really nervous and suffers from anxiety sometimes but got through each and every session. He was one of the smallest ones out there but gave his all and completed everything the big kids did!! Thanks to Brent for all of your support and great training techniques. Hope to see you again. Tyson says thanks Brent!!

Erica Tout

This is my son's first year participating at The Red Zone pre-season training and the results are A1. His confidence, fitness and strength have improved to next level and the friendships he has formed are long-term. Amazing program you run Brent.

Belinda Bayly

Brent, you know how to bring the best out in Clayton. His improved confidence and love for playing footy has increased since training with you. Thank you

Rachael Andrew

My son has been training with Brent for the past 6 weeks now and he’s loving it! Really great program for building strength and confidence, highly recommend.

Kim Land

After covid and a rough year on the bench for my girl her confidence was lacking I didn't want her too give up this was a sport she had been passionate about since she was 5. After hearing amazing reviews of brents work I knew this is where she needed to be to get back where she once was.And that she did ! Brent pushed her out of her comfort zone and gave her the push she needed to progress and make her goals achievable . Not only did she make it in her div 1 team for club but she got a starting position no more bench. She also made met north for state champs under 15s. I also brought my son to train alongside his sister as comfort being the only girl.My son has sometimes been in the shadows of both his sister's who had taken to league very naturally. I didn't know what too expect as he was very reluctant. But after 2 weeks He blew me away my son was always up ready to train every week .Brents approach too training brought the confidence out of my son which we had been waiting for. My son also made his top team for our club and his progression in the game is awesome too watch. I can only speak highly of Brents work and the results speak for themselves looking forward to bringing my kids back 2022

Alychia Emmerson

Such an exciting and effective program. My boy has come back to footy every season fitter, stronger and with more drive after each off-season doing redzone with Brent. Cant recommend it enough if your child is wanting to put in some hard work to gain massive improvements

Ash Hodge

Every time my son finishes a session or clinic with The Red Zone, I ask him, did you learn something new? Every single time I get the exact same answer: “100%! It was soooo good. Brent is sooo good!”
You can not ask for a better response!!! The fact that they learn so much every single time is everything and that is just the start of it!!! Thank you Brent 🙌

Cathy Gelling

Juniors will leave this program stronger, faster and more confident.

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The Junior Beast Academy 8 Week Program


Ages:  U/9 to U/12
Sunshine Coast University
4:00pm - 4:45pm Mondays (school terms)
6/02, 13/02, 20/02, 27/02, 6/03, 13/03, 20/03, 27/03
45 min session per week for a total of 8 sessions