The Greatest Game of All

September 20, 2017

I have been a Rugby League player all my life. Wearing the number 8 jersey was something I took great pride in.

I remember the overwhelming feeling of excitement and nervousness triggered by the scent of deep heat in the sheds. I sat in silence with my earphones blasting, eagerly awaiting the moment my coach threw me my jersey. I was about to go to war with my mates. I looked forward to every hit up, every tap, every return, every solid shot I put on, and every time I got belted.

There are so many little things within our game that make it the greatest game of all. Having your opposition pat you on the shoulder telling you “good run mate “or “good hit brother” for me was something better than scoring a try. Receiving a helping hand back to your feet by the same guy who just put you there is a priceless bond.

Rugby League is a brotherhood that lasts forever. No matter how long you have been out of the game you never forget the guys you played with or against. It is the ultimate respect.


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