Put 2000 calories in your esky!

Don’t know what to eat at work or school? Look no further!

I was recently asked by a client how he could get enough good food into his daily eating while he is at work. He works long days as a builder and finds it hard to eat and follow proper nutrition on site. He understands the importance of getting the right amount of calories and protein, and he also wants to avoid spending too much coin on hot pies and sausage rolls from the delivery trucks every day. 

My advice to him and anyone else is to be prepared. If you fail to plan; you will plan to fail. I know you have probably heard that all before, but if you know me by now, I will always tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.

If you know you have a big week of work coming up, I want you to set aside a few hours on a Sunday to get your meals together. 

Plan what foods or meals you are going to have during the week for your lunches and snacks. Take a list and go shopping, get your food and also grab a heap of different size containers to store your pre-made meals and snacks into.

Prepare all your meals and store them in containers and refrigerate or freeze them if needed, it will take you a few hours, but things aren’t working at the moment, so its time to try something else.

Here is an example plan to provide you with a better idea. I know you probably won’t have a microwave handy so I’m going to cater for that. If you do have access to microwave that will open up so many other options for meals. 

Work or School Eski (roughly 2000 calories and 180 grams of protein)

Pack two protein shakers with 40g of protein isolate powder in each shaker,  just add water to it later. 

Two bananas  

100g mixed nuts
store in a container (slow-burning fats can make you feel fuller for longer and provide great slow-burning fuel for energy) 
633 cals – 26 g – protein 

Two chicken and mayo salad wraps 
Put 150 g of cooked chicken on each wrap with 10g of mayo and as much salad, salt and pepper as you want. 

TIP – Cook a tray of chicken thighs or breast all at once, cut it up into strips and store in containers or buy a few hot chooks and rip them up and store. Also, grab a few pre-packed bags of salad mix if you don’t want to stuff around cutting up veggies. Try sprinkling the chicken with some spices, I like to use Nandos Perri Perri flavoured sachets. 

Still hungry?
Here are ten snack ideas to chuck in if that’s not enough:
Muesli bars
Protein bars or protein cookies
More mixed nuts or peanut butter
More fruit
Replace whey protein with a weight gainer powder
Beef Jerky 
Trail mix
Greek yogurt
Tinned tuna or salmon
Hard-boiled eggs


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